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Getting There

Israel is very small and relatively very easy to get around, with a rather good net of roads. Public transportation is good though scarce during weekends (Friday noon- Saturday).
Most of the people in Israel speak English and will be glad to assist.

The expedition lodges some 5 min. drive south from Hippos-Sussita atKibbutz Ein-Gev located juston the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee.
Kibbutz Ein-Gev

Emergency/Informational contacts while in Israel:
052-8699835 Michael Eisenberg (mobile) or 054-5658162 Efrat (from the Kibbutz).

Getting to Israel and to the Kibbutz 

Landing in Israel
You'll be landing in Ben-Gurion International Airport, located not far from Tel-Aviv. You may wish to spend a day or two in Tel-Aviv area before arriving at the Kibbutz. You will find the terminal very aesthetic and easy to navigate. The train terminal is located here as well as busses and taxis. You may find this general transportation in Israel link useful.

Getting to the Kibbutz
It is best to arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport during the week, Friday morning or Saturday afternoon as the public transportation does not operate during the Jewish weekend (Friday evening to Saturday afternoon). Best would be to catch a direct bus to the Kibbutz from Tel-Aviv central bus station. Do consider traveling a day or two before the dig and then arriving at the Kibbutz.
There are several ways to get from Ben-Gurion Airport to the Kibbutz (about a 2.45 hr. drive). The price for bus and public taxi is controlled. The Israeli currency (Shekels) can be obtained at the bank counter inside the terminal near the exit and in the exchange branches.

Please arrive to Kibbutz Ein-Gev itself (not the resort). The Kibbutz is a small and friendly community so it's very hard to get lost! 
By Bus
Egged Company is still Israel's main intercity bus company. See for example a link for a Friday fare from the airport to the kibbutz with rates and schedule.  
In this example you need to change buses twice. Have a printout of the route with you, so you can show it to the driver, and ask for assistnace. The cost is about 70 Shekels (bus drivers accept shekels only). This data may change so verify once planning. 

If you are traveling on other day or from other destination you may have more options, so please consider that (for example, Tiberias is just 20 min. drive from the Kibbutz). You can also combine your bus route with taxi fare (for example, arrive to Tiberias by bus, and from there take a taxi to the kibbutz).

Another option would be arriving to the nearby Zemach Junction, taking a local bus, a taxi or even hitchhiking to the Kibbutz.
Golan Transportation – a regional public bus company which operates lines from Tiberias to Kibbutz Ein-Gev and all the region. Direct phone *3254.
The Israeli Ministry of Transport has a new website that combines all public transportation but, at the moment, the site is available only in Hebrew. 
By Train
The train terminal is located just one floor under the air-port terminal; the train can take you to Haifa, but not to Tiberias or the Kibbutz. For train schedules check Israel Railways
By Taxi
Taxi services are located just outside Ben-Gurion Terminal.
Public Taxi services (about 10-passengers, called Sherut) are controlled by Airport Authority and will usually take you to your destination within major cities including Haifa but not to Tiberias. If traveling in a group, consider ordering a special group taxi directly to the Kibbutz. If you contact us in advance, we can organize this (driver will meet you holding a sign with your name).