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Recommended Equipment

Hippos is located in a basalt terrain surrounded by cliffs over viewing the Sea of Galilee.
Though the excavation areas are clear, shaded and safe it is vital to consider local hazards during the excavation and around it. 
The sharp basalt stones, the heat of the Israeli Summer and the creatures living peacefully in Sussita Nature Reserve, are among those to prepare for.
In addition, the weekly excursions require good and basic traveling gear. 
Dress Code? Not at all! You will find the dig and the vast majority of Israel very liberal and without any dress codes. If you plan on visiting sacred places such as churches and mosques do bring long sleeve shirt and pants.

A list of recommended gear

Bring things that are sturdy, light in weight and color, and easy to launder. As the sun is very intense, you may need to wear long sleeves and pants.
Remember that loose clothing is more comfortable than close-fitting, and synthetic fibers tend to be hot unless designed for heat and quick sweat vaporizing.

  • Pants – best if pants cover the shoes so the earth won't get into them. You may wish to bring up to two pairs of long pants for the dig and trekking and a couple short or light pants for the afternoons.
  • Shirts – from our experience, heat condition designed shirts with UV protection serve well. Many companies nowadays manufacture such shirts. For example, our Institute purchased recently similar UV protected shirts from SunWay Company for the archaeologists and we found them just great. You may come just with a simple t-shirt for the dig, it is up to you as we all get very dirty and sweaty in a short time.
  • Shoes – work shoes are a must! Shoes should be strong, with high ankles, and comfortable, provided with solid traction soles for protection and footing on rocks. Good tracking shoes will do the job and serve you well during the excursions and your traveling on the weekends as well. 
    Sneakers or sandals are not permitted at the dig! Nevertheless, we suggest that you bring them for off field activities, crossing water and just for daily life.
  • Gloves – gloves are not a must and will be supplied by the dig but there is nothing that can substitute good sturdy personally fitted gloves. Their main aim is to protect the hands from thorns, rocks and injuries but do remember it is hot so don't bring polar gloves.
  • Sun Hat – sun hats or head coverings are important at the dig, if working out of the shade and are essential during the excursions.
  • Sunscreen – bring your preferable sunscreen lotion that suits your skin and lasts in sweat and water. You'll be using it while swimming too.
  • Sunglasses – you'll find that good sunglasses an essential item in your kit. The sun is harsh and they'll supply a great comfort in the field, traveling and by the sea.
  • Water Bottle – a personal water bottle is recommended. We shall supply cold water during the dig but you might find it convenient to fill up a personal bottle and bring it with you to the excursions and weekend traveling. We might have some Hippos-Sussita field bottles for sale at a low cost.
  • Swimming Gear – do not forget our leisure time and bring your top of the fashion swimming gear if you wish to enjoy the Sea of Galilee and even the Mediterranean during the weekends.
  • Casual Clothing – bring with you some casual clothing for after work and weekends.

Please, do not arrive with two huge suitcases of clothes; it is not a survival expedition nor the Next Top Model competition!